load-shedding safety tips


Are you a resident of Mountain Ridge Estate in Paarl, gearing up for a holiday getaway? As load-shedding becomes increasingly common, it’s crucial to ensure your home is prepared for power outages, especially when you’re away. To help you safeguard your property and belongings, here are the top 10 load-shedding safety tips tailored specifically for Mountain Ridge Estate residents:

1. Prioritise Unplugging:

Before embarking on your holiday, unplug all non-essential electrical appliances to prevent potential damage from power surges during load-shedding.

2. Invest in Surge Protection:

Shield sensitive electronics like computers and TVs by investing in surge protectors or suppressors, safeguarding them from power fluctuations.

3. Lighting Strategy:

Optimise energy usage by turning off unnecessary lights, while ensuring security with timers or motion sensors during load-shedding periods.

4. Secure Your Security System:

Equip your security system with backup batteries to ensure uninterrupted surveillance and protection during power outages.

5. Consider Backup Power Solutions:

Explore options like backup generators or solar panels to keep essential systems running smoothly, even when the grid goes down.

6. Emergency Preparedness for Load-Shedding:

Stock up on emergency supplies such as flashlights, batteries, candles, and portable chargers to navigate through power outages safely.

7. Preserve Perishables:

Minimise food wastage by keeping refrigerator and freezer doors closed during load-shedding to maintain optimal temperatures.

8. Notify Neighbours and Security:

Inform trusted neighbours or security personnel about your absence and provide emergency contact details to handle any unforeseen circumstances.

9. Safety First with Gas Appliances During Load-Shedding:

If resorting to gas appliances or generators, ensure proper ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide build-up, prioritising safety at all times.

10. Stay Informed and Plan Ahead:

Stay updated on load-shedding schedules and plan your departure and return accordingly to minimise disruptions and ensure a secure homecoming.

By implementing these load-shedding safety measures, residents of Mountain Ridge Estate in Paarl can enjoy peace of mind during their holiday breaks, knowing their homes are well-prepared to weather any power-related challenges. Don’t let load-shedding catch you off guard — take proactive steps to protect your property and belongings today!

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